Leticia G | My Special Face Cocktail
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My Special Face Cocktail

My Special Face Cocktail

My Special Face Cocktail By:  { Source Vital }

One of my favorite products I picked up from indiebeautyexpo was this little bottle.

Walking around the 3rd time their section finally got my attention, when I first walked up to their table I noticed all these containers with liquids in it. So I had to ask what were they mixing up.

A few questions later I had my very own Cocktail.

How I personally use it:

Right after I cleanse my face and before my skin prep I use a few drops and gently apply/dab it on my face then continue with Makeup Routine.

Even though Im sensitive to smell mine has a very soft pleasant smell to it and it’s super relaxing and feels like it to as I apply it on.




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